Monday, April 13, 2009

Upcoming Actions for T.D. Hutto Prison

Texas State Legislature is in session and we must support the Resolution to close T.D.Hutto Family Residential Center. For those that still don`t know T.D. Hutto is a private run Prison for profit. Run by Corrections Corporation of America. Asylum seeking Families. Refugees fleeing either natural disasters, civil wars, even people with expired visas. None having commited any crime other than to look to this government for a safe place in which to live . Children imprisoned as part of a scare tactic that enriches the greedy. Grassroots groups from Austin put together a resolution to close T.D.Hutto, this resolution will probably not even be discussed since our Texas Legislature is looking for ways to deny people their Right to Vote.

Call your State Rep. call your Senators. (pH) 202 224-3121 or, , There will be a Vigil this Saturday April the 18th in Taylor T.D. Hutto call for more info. Also there is a May 16th Freedom Walk with Protest Vigil for more info call (210) 396-9805 Constitutional Rights are Universal and not bound by any governmental border. Human Rights include the Freedom of the pursuit of Happiness. Si Se Puede!
Antonio Diaz
Co-Founder: Cesar E. Chavez March for Justice San Antonio TX
Spokesperson: Texas Indigenous Council
Organizer: Free the Children Coalition

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