Friday, February 25, 2011

Some facts about the Alamo.wmv

Some one has to say the truth about the Battle at the Alamo. Anglos invaded Mexico to set up a SLAVE Nation that mirrored the U.S. policy on SLAVERY. The U.S. Constitution considered Black people 3/5 a person and Indigenous people were not even that . Slavery was how they amassed their wealth . Black labor & Indigenous people land and raw material.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

San Antonio ceremony

Good coverage of a Tee Pee Ceremony

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Texas Indigenous Council at Texas School Board Meeting

Check this out and listen to the presentations. One Juan disrespected Maryjane by taking her speaking time but kissed up to the Board members. Mexica are Indigenous and not Spaniards. Juan does not understand that fact.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"American Holocaust" history thru art of Nelyollotl Toltecatl (Muralist)

1. White Supremacy Vs. "Native Americans"

Indigenous People Nican Tlaca all. One People one Land.

Frontiers of Racism

The City of San Antonio will perpetuate this Racist Lies.Mexican Indians of Texas were attacked worse than Blacks in the South West.Mexica are Indigenous to this continent and are treated as criminals by Anglo Immigrants.

Texas Republic Slave Nation

This March of 2011 our City of San Antonio ,Texas will Celebrate and Glorify Slavery under the Guise of Freedom. Calling Bowie, Travis ,and Crockett champions for Freedom is a Bold faced LIE ! The Mexican Republic outlawed SLAVERY after overthrowing the Spanish in 1821. Mexico out lawed SLAVERY but gave Anglo settlers an opportunity to Free the Negro Slaves . Jose Navarro came up with an absurd plan of 99 year indentured servitude and declared it FREEDOM. The Mexican Republic gave the Anglo Criminal Immigrants until 1830 to Free their Slaves but instead the Anglos joined by Spanish Slave owners like Jose Navarro and Juan Seguin fomented an insurrection against the Mexican Government in order to continue enjoying the profits that SLAVE LABOR had got them. The Alamo once a Spanish Catholic Mission, the Mision Bexar de Valero built by Mexican Indian Slave Labor and maintained by Indian Slave Labor reformed and made an Icon of Freedom indeed even called the Cradle of Texas Freedom. The Lies that Anglo Christian Society are comfortable with is Truth to them and they force feed on to all around them even if the outside world knowingly laughs at their ridiculous claims. Come join the Farce . Come join in on the Celebration of the Great Lie. SLAVERS have become renowned Freedom Fighters .