Saturday, July 14, 2007

Protesta sobre muerte de inmigrantes

July 12th Univision News Story on Protest.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Scary Times

On June the 30th we confronted the Minutemen and the Border Watch Rascist groups. They were in San Antonio at the federal prosecutors office, Mr. John Sutton`s office to be precise. They were conducting a hate protest against Mr. Sutton for having prosecuted two rogue Border Patrol agents.These two Border agents shot a man in the back, for crossing the border without papers. They shot 15 rounds at him and when they apprehended him they violently assaulted him, beating him severely. They then did a cover up. Fortunately there are good Border agents, they testified against Mr. Cumpian and Mr. Ramos. Mr. John Sutton offered them a few months probation but they refused. I`m pretty sure they thought that they could shoot and beat up Mexicans and no one would care. They were wrong, what they did was and is a crime. Mr. Sutton did his job , he prosecuted the two criminals, that betrayed their oath to uphold the law. The Minutemen and Border Watch did what true hate mongering fascist do; they used the situation to galvanize confused people onto their side . The family members of the criminal Border agents gave testimony as to the innocence of their family members. The Minutemen And Border Watch are buying these Mexican-Americans, they have setup bank accounts and they petition for donations for the family members. Buying their loyalty. Using the anger of the family to recruit members into their fascist movement. I can tell it is getting scary it is so reminiscent of the Nazi`s of the 1930`s and 40`s. Their tactics are carbon copy of that evil and corrupt machinery that engulfed Europe in a Holocaust that almost wiped out the Jewish people off the face of this earth. We were there to say the truth about the two Border Agents regardless of their ethnicity, they violently violated the human rights of that man that they attempted to murder and if that wasn`t corrupt enough abuse of police authority they tried to cover it up by threats and coercion against there fellow Border Agents. The agents had to be given immunity from prosecution in order to be able to testify to the truth. These fascist hate groups in order to spread there ideology of fear, mistrust and hate against the Mexican people will do whatever, even call these two misguided Mexican-American Border Agent criminals their Hero Lawmen. Don`t be fooled we know that they are filled with nothing but loathing for all our people. Just as Hitler and his henchmen bid their time until they were in complete control before putting their ethnic cleansing into effect. The ovens still hold the essence of the Jewish people humanity within their walls. We will speak up for those that are unable to do so for themselves. When I am asked where were you when they came for your neighbor? I will answer by his side defending his human rights. Where will you stand in the end of the End Game?