Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christianity & Indigenous Assimilation

Once not long ago Indigenous People of this Continent knew nothing of Christianity, then Oct.12 1492 Columbus came with a Doctrine of Discovery from his Christian Leader the Pope of the Catholic Church. The Invasion began and the Genocide took hold behind Bacterial Diseases and Military attacks. Enslavement was part of what the Christian World gave the Indigenous People. Enslaved into digging up all the Gold, Silver, Precious Stones and other metals Tin, Copper all the Riches all the Bounty placed here for our Ancestors usurped, stolen, pillaged by Christian Soldiers. Then the forced Assimilation the destruction of all temples ,the Burning of all Books of Indigenous Knowledge more destruction then the burning of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt.Yesterday Christmas Day was a sad day to see Indigenous People celebrating in ignorance the made up Religion that Destroyed the Ancient Culture of their Ancestors.