Thursday, October 4, 2007

Indigenous Dignity Day Oct. 13th San Antonio Tx.

When we have Marched and Rallied in the past we cryout "una gente sin fronteras " or no borders no nations no deportations. I say these things because of my indigenous blood ties and binds me to my mother as it does with all native people. What is being done today against the Mexican race is in violation not only of political laws but most important acainst natural laws . You cannot remove a people from their lands occupy them and then deny them entry onto their own ancestral home. Oct. 13th we will march and rally in recognition of our indigenous heritage and for our human rights.



Saturday Oct. 13, 2007

Indigena Sin Fronteras
Indigenous People Without Borders

Assembly Time: 10:00 AM
Corner of El Paso & Brazos Street, San Antonio, TX
March commences: 11:00 AM
Proceeding to Old Court house Main Plaza

Rally begins at 12:00 PM in front of Court House.

Speakers to be announced for more details

Please contact Antonio Diaz (210) 396-9805
Sponsors: Cesar Chavez March for Justice; Texas Indigenous Council; Mestizos in Marcha; Fuerza Unida; Southwest Workers Union; Free the Children Coalition; Mr. Pedro Ruiz; The Galleons Org….and more!