Monday, April 13, 2009

May Day March in San Antonio

Support this year's MARCH for International Workers Rights. Friday May 1st at Plaza De Zacate / Milam park 6pm. This is an opportunity to let President Obama KNOW that we still live under the practice of Apartheid and all the ugliness that come with it. A Militarized Border that divides one People, A Wall of death that continues to constructed against the will of the People. Job Site Raids, Residential Raids, Detentions, Deportations. These Terrorist Tactic is being employed against the Indigenous Communities Worldwide. Indigenous People of this World should not be criminalized for crossing ancient migratory trails the Right to feed yourself and those within your Family should not be Crime. This Endless war that Crusading Colonizers have waged against our Humanity should be brought to an end. No Human being is Illegal all are deserving to their pursuit of Happiness. Tlazocameti
Antonio Diaz
Co-Founder: Cesar E. Chavez March for Justice San Antonio TX.
Spokesperson; Texas Indigenous Council

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