Sunday, April 18, 2010

Human and Civil Rights tied Together

I advanced an idea of support of Human Rights through Civil Rights,such as the Right to Vote. That voter turnout is apathetic is puttig things mildly.yet those of us that debble in American History know that the one man one vote idea did not come from Europe or at least not the Europe of the Middle Ages. The reason I say that voting for Regional Representation was not a European idea is because most of Europe was a Feudal System of Kings and Queens and their Royal Families. Pions and serfs or better put non property owning slaves was the order of the times when the Wave of Immigrants seeking to improve their Cast came across the ocean to a Paradise where the inhabitants knew what Freedom was. Well bringing things back to today here in San Antonio TX, in Bexar County their are people in Beuracratic positions that they weild as if they had being ordained by a Pope instead of being elected by the People. The Struggle for Civil Rights was because the descendants of those European Immigrants wanted to continue their version of the Feudal System on Non-Whites and Women. I say all this in hopes that who reads this undrestands that whatever small amount of Freedom and or Human Dignity we enjoy today is for all People not just the Ordained Priviledged. I coordinated a Voters Registration Drive in Bexar County Jail to increase Voter interest in the Right to cast a vote for representation in local government,as well as to drive the point home that we all have equal rights. Dignity is a Human Right and without dignity people lose hope in their self worth as Human Beings. Stand Up for Your Rights!

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