Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Free the Children Coalition July 21st Hutto Prison Protest / Vigil

Protest Protest Protest Protest Protest Protest
Free the Children
June the 23rd we united and showed this government that we care about children all children. We said that imprisoning families with their children is not only evil hearted but outright criminal. We ask all that attended to contact their elected officials at local , state, and federal levels. Telephone calls, e- mails, faxes, even hard copy snailmail. We must oppose C.C.A , M.T. C. ,Wackenhut and all the greedy private prison corporations that are turning the land of the free into a prison nation that we the people are not ready to be led into concentration camps and will not sit idlly by, as children are being deprived of their innocence behind private prisons for profit. We of Free the Children Coalition are continuing to shine the light on C.C.A. and their vile money making prison in Taylor Tx. July 21st we will rally at Hutto Res. ctr. and hold another protest /vigil keeping our promise to keep on coming to Hutto until we shut it down. Those wishing to help call 210-396-9805

Antonio Diaz
Founder Cesar E. Chavez March for Justice
Organizer Free the Children Coalition

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